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Doç. Dr. Emir KAYA
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emir KAYA

Author of the "Legal Mentality"

Head of the Department of General Public Law

Homo homini lupus est & Homo homini res sacra


He has achieved outstanding success in the university entrance exams and has been entitled to the abroad scholarship of the Ministry of National Education. He received his BA in Political Science and Philosophy at the University of Indiana-Bloomington and MA in Theology from Harvard University. He received his PhD degree in Law from the University of London, SOAS, with a dissertation on the interaction of religion state society norms. He worked at the Ministry of National Education as a legal advisor. He served as a rapporteur judge at the Constitutional Court. He is still a faculty member at Ankara University of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Department of General Public Law.

Research Interests

Courses Taught



​​​​​​Human Rights

Methodologies Of Law And Legal Research

Legal Writing

Legal Discussions I&II

Sociology Of Law

Philosophy Of Law




Alternative Approaches to Law

Social Limits of Law

Legal Politics

Human Rights

Law and Practice


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